Publication: ‘Users as Designers’

During my time at Waag Society I co-wrote a book on Creative Research and the Users as Designers philosophy and I am very exited that it has been published. It can be downloaded for free and used under the creative commons licence from the website of Waag Society: Very helpful if you want inspiration on how to gain more information from your target group and/or integrated your endusers in the design process, wether it has to do with a physical product, a greater social problem or a new service.

Users as Designers at Waag Society

At Waag Society, I worked on my Bachelor project. My project was on the philosophy of Waag Society: Users as Designers and the Creative Research Method. During a period of three months, I have worked on developing a book and an interactive toolkit for the employees of Waag Society, to inspire and help them with applying this philosophy and working method in their daily work practice. A wireframe of the interactive toolkit is shown above, which turned out to be a visual project management tool for Creative Research. With this tool you can ‘build’ your project with building blocks, divided into methods (to involve users) and outcomes, which are also linked to each other. This will help designers, who know what they want to achieve, get inspiration on the right methods to use. There is a bit more to this tool, so if you want to know more, we will have to talk it over with a coffee or two.

Creativity in Malaysian Higher education

‘What are the views on creativity in creative degrees in the Malaysian Higher Education and how are the students stimulated to be creative?

If you want to know more, or read the paper, I will be happy to send it to you and answer your questions.

Purple Pride

Film produced by ULURU/Beagle for Purple Pride. Purple Pride is a cooperation of several major eggplant-farmers in the Netherlands. They wanted to enhance the consumption of eggplants in the Netherlands and were looking for innovative ideas. During my work at ULURU/Beagle I did a research for this project and worked on the conceptualisation of the project. This Film was made to show the farmers what you can do with the perception of an eggplant. Exclusive, tailor made and Designer Eggplants! Why not?

Swop ‘n Fit

During my internship at ULURU/Beagle I did several projects. Swop ‘n Fit is the project I worked on mostly. Swop ‘n Fit is a clothes swapping concept which makes it easy to organize a swop event with friends with the online planner. Together with my collegues we developed the concept and produced a website as well as several events like the ‘Sparkling Swop ‘n Fit event’ during the Amsterdam International Fashion Week’. Swop ‘n Fit showed up in several media as can be seen at the website. and at our facebook page

Project Tolerantie: Hokjesgeest

Together with Anne Heesink I developed this project to enhance tolerance amongst youngsters (final year primary school). The project uses the ‘Hokjesgeest’ to illustrate what tolerance means and to show that what we see on the outside, doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with someones character and hobby’s. After a succesfull launch for press and primary schools, this project has been running for a couple of years on 30+ primary schools, LOM-schools, secondary schools and after school care centres. Artikel 1 is the distributer of the project.


Swop ‘n Fit Film

An impression of the ‘Sparkling Swop ‘n Fit event’ held during the Amsterdam International Fashion Week 2010


GreenFoodPrint is a project I worked on for ULURU/Beagle. It is a project to enhance innovation and sustainability in the food chain. It started as an initiative of Jaguar, The Fresh Company and was further developed by ULURU/Beagle as an interactive platform to connect players in the Foodchain to make sustainability an integrated part of policy making. It uses input from all partners within the value chain to determine how to become more sustainable together, driven by innovation, knowledge sharing and co-creation. see the website and article

Filming of the ‘Hokjesgeest’

For the educational project we produced a film with several famous Dutch people, like Job Cohen and Braafheid.


For heineken I did some freelance work and produced several Brand Manuals for various brands in Africa & the Middle East

Ondernemen is doen

Ondernemen is doen is a yearly event organized by UtrechtSIFE. I designed the posters and other promotional materials like the website for the event.

SIFE annual report and National Competition

Every year, all the SIFE-teams (Student In Free Entreprise) have to present themselves at the National Competition. I developed the yearbook and presentation.


Change2Climate is an entreprise set up by an UtrechtSIFE team that wants to stimulate zero-waste designs for offices. I helped with the funding of a contest they organized together with Battle of Concepts and designed the website, the identity and some posters for the contest.

Millenium Battle

The Millenium battle is a battle that is all about the Millenium Goals (on poverty, illness and hunger). Over a period of three months, participating teams get four cases they each have to solve in a short period of time. I participated with my team and we developed four concepts and made it to the finals. One of the cases was on the market position of Soya Farmers in Brazil. SFU is a concept that brings farmers together through community centres and bundles their goods to be able to compete with the bigger market players. Through an online auction, traders can order big quantities of soya.

Tijd voor beter leven

I participated in the Abbott Student Advisory Board twice. The two days existed out of two cases that was presented to two groups of students. We were given a few hours to come up with a concept and a presentation. This particular one was to help patients on Reductil (A medicin to loose weight) follow through the six months needed to complete the treatment. Because it is sometimes hard to see any direct changes on your body, this interactive poster (which has an online version as well, linked to your dokter) show your progress as the slide moves further along the way. The six months are divided in phases that each have an own theme (mentally as well as physically), complete with assignments and selfmade rewards. It also includes the family as they can be of great support.

(Religion) Trends

For Youngworks, I researched trends within religion and produced a religion handbook and a toolkit. Trends included: Religion themepark; Bricollage; Interreligion; Inner peace; Anti Authority a.o. I also produced a general trendbook, in the shape of a fan. Trends included: Vinyl Sleeveface; Self-Censorship; Balkan Beat; All options open.


TwentseWelle is a museum with a mix of history, nature and culture, based in Enschede. It coped with some problems in continuity and had some problem areas. As a project for my degree we were invited to come up with an idea and to point out important issues over the course of one day. Me and my partner came up with the ‘Stamboom van het mensenlijk avontuur’ which includes a timeline that shows different era’s. We indicated some problem areas as well and solved this to show the timeline on the ground, a route that provides basic information on the area you are in and shows the secret places with games.